Transparent CEX
on-chain settlement

InfinityBit will be the first Centralised Crypto Exchange (CEX) with on-chain verifiable proof of reserves. Everyone can easily verify that all assets are held exactly 1:1 as the underlying asset rather than volatile derivatives. Anyone can audit the exchange at any time using our public permissioned settlement blockchain.

Key features

Today, several centralised exchanges are operating with no transparency. Although DEX are growing in numbers, there will always be a need for fiat on-ramps. InfinityBit is a CEX that offers the transparency of a DEX.

token ecosystem token ecosystem

Token Ecosystem accepts IBIT tokens for 50% reduced trading fees

Secure Secure


Industry standard encryption and security are implemented in the InfinityBit trade execution system

Transparent Transparent


All transfers and trade executions are published to a public permissioned EVM-compatible blockchain

Certified technology Certified technology

Certified technology

The InfinityBit codebase will have passed multiple third-party security audits before launch

Broad Distribution Broad Distribution

Broad Distribution

InfinityBit is accessible to nearly everyone from individuals to large investment firms

AI Powered Trading AI Powered Trading

AI Powered Trading

A fully automated AI-powered trading system is being developed for IBIT holders

Our Roadmap

Feb 15, 2023

Q2 2023

Q3 2023

Q3 2023

Q1 2024

IBIT Launch

FSB Blockchain Testnet

Security Audits

CEX Beta

Exchange Official

Our Team Members

Alyssa McKeown

Chief Technology Officer


Chief Marketing Officer