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Meet Dixon, CEO

Dixon Bernier

Chief Executive Officer

Bridging Trad-Fi Wisdom to InfinityBit's Fintech Future

With a distinguished career spanning 25 years, Dixon has made substantial contributions to the field of finance and technology. His experience in renowned financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Merrill Lynch has equipped him with a deep understanding of the industry's complexities and the skills to navigate them successfully.

Beyond the realms of corporate finance, Dixon co-founded a global consulting firm based in New York City. This venture showcases his expertise in fostering business growth and agility, qualities that he brings to InfinityBit.

Dixon's colleagues, past and present, often commend his unflappable demeanor and his talent for enacting positive and comprehensive changes within complex organizational structures. He is an exceptional problem-solver, and has a distinctive clear communication style. As a seasoned executive, Dixon is known for his ability to conceptualise IT as a critical business driver. His track record of delivering high-performance teams and managing cost-effective operations simultaneously is a testament to his multifaceted expertise. Colleagues like Ed F. and Peter Bals highlight Dixon's empathetic leadership and his proficiency in building strong, result-oriented teams. These attributes, coupled with his capacity to handle complex programs with agility, make him a valuable asset to any organisation and a cornerstone in the ongoing success and innovation at InfinityBit.

Dixon's life outside the office is as dynamic as his professional one. He resides in East Setauket, New York with his wife and two daughters, where he is actively involved in his community. His passion for personal development extends to coaching his daughter’s volleyball team, demonstrating his commitment to mentorship and leadership in various aspects of life.

At InfinityBit, Dixon's role is focusing on helping launch the platform as a tremendous success. His expertise and insight are key in scaling the company's operations and ensuring that InfinityBit not only meets but excels in its ambitious targets.