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Meet Stefano, CMO of InfinityBit International

Stefano Migliozzi

Co-Founder, CMO

A Maestro of Marketing and Community Building

Stefano Migliozzi, often referred to as “Wraith", or "The DeFi Wraith", is a co-founder of InfinityBit and currently serves as its Chief Marketing Officer. His diverse expertise encompasses community building, marketing, project management, and public relations, all critical in shaping the company’s outreach and growth.

His journey in the blockchain and cryptocurrency realm began after his years spent as a law student. Stefano’s academic background in law provided him with a unique perspective, particularly in the emerging and complex field of decentralized finance (DeFi). This transition from law to blockchain technology reflects his adaptive nature and ability to integrate different domains of knowledge.

Stefano's deep dive into the world of blockchain and crypto was not merely academic; it was driven by a genuine passion for the field. His exploration of inner-market dynamics within the blockchain space led to profound insights into decentralised finance, insights that he would later leverage to benefit InfinityBit.

Perhaps his most notable contribution to InfinityBit is the foundation of the thriving InfinityBit community. His vision and market acumen were instrumental in building this community, aligning perfectly with the company's strategic goals.

Stefano's role at InfinityBit transcends traditional marketing boundaries. He is a marketing maestro; due to his unique skillset, InfinityBit has achieved remarkable brand awareness and market presence. His ability to drive marketing strategies with limited resources has not only demonstrated his skill but also his commitment to the company’s success.